Ricco Førgaard

Another test of my Go client library.

Just testing how to post from my Go micro.blog API.

It started snowing.

I’ll never be done by Christmas.

My colleague, Mads, telling strangers about how we use AWS at the company we work for.

Here’s the code for my micro.blog Go client.

So far I have only implemented read operations (GET) and there are no tests. Or… there are tests but they use the live API and I need to mock out HTTP traffic.

Current side project: a micro.blog client in Go.

👉 and also these:

More to come.

Some Go talks I want to recommend:


I’ve been watching some talks about Go on YouTube lately, and it’s really growing on me. I have to start using it for more serious stuff.

Leaving for New York and Velocity in three hours. I should start packing, soon.

In the market for a new wristband for my Apple Watch. It’s time to take it to the next level.

My collection of Apple boxes. Incomplete, unfortunately.

Bergen is hosting the 2017 UCI Road World Championships and some guy in my street went all in.

Frustrating match, beautiful scenery.

Today I’m fixing inexplicable things on my son’s PC.

The reason I switched to Macs is exactly this; life is too short for troubleshooting something that shouldn’t break all the time.

I’m not saying mac os is flawless, but the errorrate is much lower.

I’m building a place to sit outside shielded from wind and rain (it rains a lot here). It’s taking far longer than expected, of course, but I like how it’s progressing.

Spectacular sunrise today. I never like this time of year, really, when the darkness comes creeping until it completely encompasses us for months.

Tomatoes are maturing. Only downside is that they are the size of peas. Western Norwegian climate isn’t great for growing produce, I suppose.

This Lagavulin is one fine whisky. Cheers!

Whenever I look for chords for songs I want to learn to play, I really get put off by how much these sites use dark patterns.

I understand that they need to make money and perhaps even pay royalties, and I suppose I would pay, but I don’t want to be cattle prodded into paying.

It’s always sad when our idols go, especially when it happens way too soon. A few days ago, Chester Bennington joined that club. Bennington was good friends with Chris Cornell and died on his birthday. Interesting story, that.

Years and years of worshipping Microsoft and neglecting basic security has made the recent attack possible. I wish it would be a wake up call but I expect nothing else than more antivirus software . Software vendors and it departments have a huge responsibility here.