Ricco Førgaard

My CLI tool for micro.blog is now available on Github. I chose to call it speck.

It’s still very much in alpha, but feel free to try it out and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help.

I’m trying out @micron, a micro.blog app for iOS by @chrislopez. It looks really good so far and it has all the features you’d expect from it. I hope to see it out of beta soon.​​​​​​​

Another test posting from my CLI tool.

If this goes well it’s now possible to create posts from a file you’ve already written. I think it can be a useful feature because you’re more in control this way.

Once this works I’ll post the code on Github.

I’m making a command line tool for micro.blog, mostly just to learn more Go.

So far it can list your timeline and, if all goes well, create new posts.

Once I have some basic functionality in place, I’ll make it public on GitHub.

Beautiful piece of street art in Bergen.

Toying with food.

I usually dislike this time of year thanks to bad weather and low temperatures, but it’s incredibly pretty when the entire living room is bathed in the most yellow sunlight in the morning.

Sunset in Bergen


I wouldn’t last a day in the Stone Age.

Copenhagen sunset.

My kid trying out VR Minecraft.


When I was a kid my dad impressed me with making these. This took me a while.

Enjoying life.

8 a.m. soccer tournament. It’s torture to get up this early on a Saturday but it’s fun to watch.

Wife is watching Grey’s Anatomy and once in a while I hear the word “bitcoin.”

The times they are a-changin’ …

I’m having a lot of issues with High Sierra on my work laptop. It’s insanely annoying and I’m not sure what to do. It’s possibly a problem with 4K screens and IntelliJ (which would make sense since I’m not running that on my private laptop).

An entire town made of gingerbread.

I’m starting to get the original Instagram vibe from micro.blog. It would be amazing to make a client that can only be used for photos.



Working with dates in JavaScript is one of the reasons I’m starting to dislike the language. “Use a library,” you say. Part of the problem, I say.

Christmas tradition.

I’m testing my micro.blog API client right now, so you may see some wierd posts :)