Ricco Førgaard

Hi, there!

This is a micro blog in search of its place in this world.

By that I mean I’m not completely sure what to use it for. Like many others, I suppose, I started this by supporting the project on Kickstarter. Simply because I wanted it to succeed. The project succeeded, but as of this writing the real battle begins and micro.blog must prove itself.

Supporting micro.blog is sort of a way to protest the big ones, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. They are growing too big and getting too much power, and us regular users don’t stand a chance in terms of our rights to privacy and transparency. I can’t get behind that and so far I have deleted my Facebook and Instagram accounts. Deleting Twitter is next in line, but they are less creepy than Facebook, still.

Deleting my Instagram account was really sad. For a long time I used it to experiment with photography, and I feel the app gave me the perfect set of boundaries for that. When it was aquired by Facebook who opened the flood gates for all of its users, the service started going south. In the end it wasn’t an app for photographers anymore.

Then it’s a good thing that micro.blog has some OK photo features. Maybe I’ll use my micro blog to experiment with photos.