Ricco Førgaard

Ricco Førgaard

AirPod Freedom

For two whole days now I’ve been outside painting my house. For almost the entire time I wore my AirPods listening to podcasts and audio books.

The freedom AirPods give is heavily underestimated, I think. I didn’t have to keep my phone in a pocket and get annoyed by the cord for the headset. I put the phone in a relatively safe place nearby and I had to go pretty far away from it before the connection would drop. Not a single time did one of the AirPods fall out of my ear or in any other way cause me trouble. They were completely out of the way.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, and I think the AirPods are one of the greatest new products from Apple since the iPhone. Of course, wireless headsets aren’t something new, but the execution is so damn perfect.

One downside to the AirPods is lack of noise cancelling. I look at it as a trade off; do I want next to complete freedom and no noise cancelling or do I want noise cancelling and a huge lumpy thing on my head (not to mention sweaty ears on hot summer days)? It depends on the situation, of course. For my daily commute and even short flights there’s no doubt that I prefer the light AirPods (even though the bus can be insanely noisy and noise cancelling is bliss), but on longer trips my Bose headset has more advantages in terms of noise cancelling and battery life.

I’m interested to see if Apple will give us next generation AirPods this year and if so, what will be improved? I suppose noise cancelling is one possibility, even though I imagine it must be hard given that AirPods don’t close the ear canal. Another “feature” could be smaller plugs (critics seem to always point at the long “stick” on the side of your head) and perhaps longer battery life.