Ricco Førgaard



Two eagles have been circling above my house today.

Minus four degrees centigrade outside.

Not a big fan of icy winters but at least it’s pretty.


North Sea

Beautiful (iPhone) wallpapers of the new Star Wars posters.

Going micro.blog

I picked up my Go API and client for micro.blog that I made about two years ago. Boy did I not understand much back then. It’s both comforting to know that I’ve progressed and concerning to have code this bad laying out in the open.

Soon I’ll have an updated version with Go module support, better tests and all around better code but probably not any new features for now.

Yesterday I tried Untitled Goose Game. First impression is that it’s very inventive. Kudos to the team behind it. 🕹

Did you know you can write files with cat? Run cat with the > operator to pass the output to a file: $> cat > foo.txt. Then you can type or paste the content. End with a newline and then hit CTRL+C to exit and your file will be there. Useful in sparse Docker containers.

I’m writing JSON templates with jsonnet. I spent hours trying to grasp the syntax and how things work, cursing and actually considering writing my own template thing.

Then suddenly everything snaps into place. Now jsonnet is the Best Thing™ in the world.

The recipe for my Sunday slow cook.

Sunday slow cook.

An arctic fox I met the other day.

I love my Hario pour over.